5 Popular but Risky Fitness Trends

There has been a multitude of fitness trends ever since humans have known what fitness is. Some of them, like wearable fitness trackers and online fitness classes, has blown up over the last few years. These are trends that show us the healthy, convenient side of fitness and I totally stand behind them. On the other hand, however, there have been some trends in fitness that, to put simply, are horrible. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we? Here are fitness trends that we should leave in the past and erase from our memories.

Table of Contents

  • Exercise “Hacks” and Weight Loss Pills
  • “Clean” Eating
  • Imbalanced Diets
  • The Whole “Fat-Free” Craze
  • Celebrity Workouts

Exercise “Hacks” and Weight Loss Pills

Remember the corny infomercial with the flawlessly toned and tanned bodies vibrating their way to complete fitness in just “10 minutes a day”? Or the magical drug that melts and traps fat? The truth is that no drug (or at least not one that will practically kill you), detox tea, or vibration will solve your condition at all. Exercise and a balanced diet will always be the solution. This is arguably the worst fitness trend on the list. That’s because Kylie Jenner’s weight loss tea isn’t gonna help.

Weight Loss pills are of no help. (Source- Unsplash)

“Clean” Eating

Instagram’s focus on food porn has recently aided in the spread of the idea of “clean eating,” or a diet that only consists of raw and “ideal” foods. Meanwhile, nutritionists prefer to refer to clean eating by its medical designation, the eating disorder orthorexia nervosa.

Many followers of the trend are doubling down and paying close attention to how their food looks and where it comes from, while some are pleased to simply stop eating processed meals. Picking food based solely on presentation or purity is not a wise move. One should eat what one wants to and not go by fitness trends.

The best-looking food might not always be the best option for your health. (Source- Unsplash)

Imbalanced diets

Carbohydrates are now our enemy, and fat is our friend. Even though this is one of the fitness trends that has many health advantages, like eating more greens, many people make the mistake of believing that by eliminating carbohydrates, they can now binge on all fats without any negative effects on their health. Unquestionably one of the worst fitness fads ever! Although very low carbohydrate diets can help you lose weight, they also carry significant health risks. And I don’t think anyone is a stranger to how harmful excess fats are.

One should eat a balanced diet and avoid imbalance. (Source- Unsplash)

The whole “Fat-Free” Craze

Fat-free and low-fat varieties of foods are one of the most unrealistic fitness trends. They are frequently packed with sugar and have a significantly larger carbohydrate content than their original counterparts, tricking us into a state of ill health and inadequate nourishment. The truth is that you don’t need that much fuel in the form of carbohydrates unless you’re quite active. The importance of fats in the body is now well known, and eating healthy fats like omega 3s can actually help prevent heart disease and is crucial for good health.

Eating healthy is the real key to fitness. (Source- Unsplash)

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